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Why Are Some People Financially Free And Others Not


When we are broadcasting live we get asked this question over and over again… Mari, Gus; Why are some people financially free and others not?

The answer, although it may seem complex and full of “you depend”, is actually very simple: the mentality.

Several studies confirm that the most important difference between people who achieve great fortunes and others is their way of thinking. 

The beliefs we have regarding money, business, and prosperity were programmed into our minds by the major influences we had in childhood. Although it may seem incredible, what we believe in is what ultimately creates what we have in our bank account and in our life in general. 

Without realizing it, we assign a positive or negative connotation to everything we experience. That label depends on our beliefs, on what we have learned is good or bad. Thus, the emotion that our experiences produce are determined by our beliefs. For example; Money itself is a symbol of everything bad for some people and the source of a wonderful and prosperous lifestyle for others. 

If we have negative beliefs about money, no matter how hard we work, it will be difficult to build a financially healthy life, because we will always have negative emotions around money, which will generate actions that will sabotage our financial goals. Beliefs are like an “ autopilot ” that controls our lives. 

Everything is created in the mind before it arises in reality, and that is why, in our Masterkit program, the first thing we train in students is their mentality. Mindset is the first step to achieving important goals in your life. If you change your beliefs, you change your life. 

We are going to share with you some of the most important concepts about the abundance mentality that you can start incorporating into your life today.

What is an abundance mentality?

The abundance mentality arises from the idea that “there is enough for everyone” and we will always get what we need. When a person has an abundant mind he can see everything as an opportunity.

It is easy to know if you have an abundance mentality, when you have it it is clearly noticeable in your tangible results, and when you don't, then it is also the results that will speak louder than words. 

A simple way to identify how your mentality is with respect to money is to become aware or pay attention to the way you speak and express yourself about money. 

The way you act and react to issues related to money reveal your mentality. With an abundant mind, you become a magnet for achieving your goals. With a mind of scarcity, you find obstacles and limitations even where there are none. 

How do you achieve an abundance mentality?

Changing your mentality is a process that requires perseverance and determination. In the Masterkit program we go through in depth all the steps to change your scarcity mentality into one of abundance. 

AWARENESS: Recognizing the beliefs that could be preventing you from making further progress in your finances is a first step. 

Asking you where I am, how I relate, how I speak, how I feel and how I act with respect to money…. and how that may be generating the results I currently have.  

WHERE YOU WANT TO GO: Daring to dream and think about what you would like to achieve is the second step to creating abundance in your mind and in your life. 

Ask yourself, what is it that really moves me? And the answer is your first key. 

Dreaming big and being clear about the goals that really excite you and the destination where you want to reach and identifying a deep why are some of the ingredients that are part of this step…. 

Some of the goals that our students have are, for example, never having to work again, retiring young, traveling the world, being a present mother or father... 

REPROGRAM: There are several scientifically proven tools to reprogram your mind and make it your friend instead of your worst enemy. On the way to that ambitious goal or goals that you have set for yourself, you need your mind working on your side. 

At Masterkit, our students know and implement these tools to improve their relationship with money and thus generate more money with less effort. 

Change your mentality, and change your life

The process is different for each person and life situation, but the basic principles to change your mindset work.

At Liber Financultura we are passionate about seeing the tangible life changes that our students have by changing their mentality. We are passionate about seeing the magic that occurs when a student prepares his mind for abundance and immediately begins to attract prosperity into his life in a way he never imagined. 

We have experienced the fruits of this work in our lives and that is why we decided to share the steps of this path with all people who are interested in making the most of their lives.

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