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DollarDirect is a payment platform with a website and a phone app that enables payments between parties through online money transfers. DollarDirect customers create an account and connect it to a checking account, a credit card, or both. DollarDirect also offers credit and debit cards branded with the DollarDirect name for subscribers to the ChumCity super site.

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DollarDirect is a fast, secure way to pay online without question or giving away personal information. We help you make purchases at millions of online stores in the U.S. and across more than 200 global markets – all without the hassle of converting currency and, if necessary, with true anonymity, serving as a middleman between your bank and merchants and keeping your payment information secure. You can also use DollarDirect to securely and anonymously send money to friends, family and others as well as receive money from anyone with a DollarDirect account. Sign up is free and download our powerful app to start sending and receiving money

Complete Wallet

DollarDirect is an online payment method that follows you wherever you go. Pay any way you want. Link your credit or debit cards to your DollarDirect Digital wallet, and when you want to pay, simply log in with your username and password and pick which one you want to use. Unlike other online payment systems, you are the only person with access to your account and can never be barred or blocked for any reason.

Money Transfer

We offer you secure and easy transfer of any amount in less than a minute. Transfer money secretly and securely between users with DollarDirect accounts by simply using emails. No questions asked.

Email Invoicing

DollarDirect invoices are invoices sent via the DollarDirect platform. There are invoice templates on DollarDirect that you can use to start sending business invoices. The recipient will receive your invoice via email and can pay using DollarDirect. If you are a business the the DollarDirect For Merchants app is the proper application for official operations, allowing you to receive payments primarily from DollarDirect and its users for your business.

Cash Out

Enter the amount you want to withdraw. Select the bank account, credit or debit card to receive the money. DollarDirect transfers the amount from your DollarDirect balance to your bank or card account. No questions.

Cash in

Connect whatever bank account, credit or debit card from which you wish to draw money then specify the amount of cash you want to load—the money appears in your DollarDirect Balance account, usually within minutes. Then, use the money in your balance to shop everywhere online or digital payment is accepted. The DollarDirect Debit Card has no monthly fee, no minimum balance, or credit checks.

Make Payment

When the buyer sends payment, the funds are transferred from their bank account to the seller's DollarDirect account. Like any payment or transfer system, the electronic payment is essentially funded by the buyer's bank. An e-check must clear the bank before it is credited to the recipient's DollarDirect account. The difference, however, between DollarDirect and all other apps is that there is no set limit buyer's can send, no unwanted questions to answer, nor freeze or hold on any funds for any reason. The user has absolute control of his or her currency.

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From Birmingham to Burbank all the way to Barcelona and back, DollarDirect is being used around the globe to affect change


Rashad Grimes

Dippi Delivery

This is the best digital wallet I've come across. A very convenient digital wallet. I'm able to receive and send payments everywhere and instantly without a hassle for our alcohol delivery business Dippi. We do receive payments from different platforms. But DollarDirect is different because only my email is need to make transactions and business flow.

Dajia Martin

DajiaVu Clothing

Most Reliable Payment Method! I've been using DollarDirect for much of this year now and I can 100% say that it's the most reliable payment method ever for a business like mines! Unlike other gateways, DollarDirect makes everything a breeze without trying to charge you for everything or get too much in your business, and as a small business owner that's everything! Payment processing should be the least of your worries and DollarDirect makes it exactly that.

Jimmy Truong

June Coffee Co.

DollarDirect is sort of this mix between PayPal and Cash App, in the sense that you can use it as a genuine employee pay solution for your company and pay for things online, and , more personally, send money to friends and family with just the touch of an email in your contact. I still use the others but I find myself turning more and more to DollarDirect as I've gotten more familiar with it. It's pretty good.

Jimmy Wales

Wikipedia founder

Whether you’re building an online, mobile or desktop application site, the idea is to make it useful for users and viewers, and DollarDirect kinda does that. Its software is simple with great ease of use while providing content information, while its design could be considered next level. create a PayPal Developer account and find the resources you need to test & go live.

David Sher

ComebackTown publisher, Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce (former chairman)

If you're a local and love the region then stop everything you're doing because you'll want to hear this! DollarDirect will redefine the means by which we handle money, the same way its parent company or subsidiary ChumCity will probably ultimately rewrite the ways we all communicate and interact. And this entire thing is a Birmingham and Alabama operation, not California or New York somewhere. So there's the jobs aspect. But then DollarDirect is actually a great product,; lightning-fast transactions, top-notch security, and a way cooler yet user-friendly interface that blows the mind! There are no big hassles for information, like PayPal does with asking for bank records, etc., no social security numbers needed like, say, a Cash App, which i never trusted or understood, by the way. This is arguably authentic financial freedom here. Read full article at ComebackTown .com to read in detail why DollarDirect is this groundbreaking app and a revolution today!

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