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Who Manages Your Money Your Beliefs or You


Every day, at all hours, we make decisions that run on autopilot. We wake up, we choose breakfast, clothes, music, the podcast we are going to listen to. Up to that point it may sound harmless. 

According to Gerald Zaltman, Director of the Mind of the Market Laboratory at Harvard Business School; 95% of the human decision process is subconscious. 

We believe that we decide and manage our lives, but the reality is that the actions and decisions that decide our adult life are generated from mental programs that we developed in our childhood, many of them obsolete. Surprising, right?

Even more shocking is knowing that we do the same with the transcendental decisions of our lives, such as those related to money. We call this beliefs about money and they are what define the results we have in our personal finances. 

To achieve financial freedom we must begin by recognizing our beliefs about money and deciding to change them. 

Where do our beliefs about money come from?

That software that we have inside was programmed in our childhood by experiences that marked us, or by the influence of important figures of that time. Many of the beliefs we have are based on something that someone else believed and taught us through their example, their words, or that we assimilate as part of the family culture. 

Just as there are recipes and family traditions that are worth preserving, there are beliefs and habits that we follow because we learned them that way, but they have no reason to exist today, and they add absolutely nothing positive to our lives. 

In our financial freedom program , Master Kit, we use neuro-finance tools to identify and reprogram the subconscious mind of our students. The results are amazing and they show up tangibly in your bank accounts.  

Change your beliefs and your life will change

A Masterkit graduate, who for confidentiality reasons we will call Juan, told us that despite his attempts, he had never managed to successfully start a business. Thanks to the Masterkit program, Juan realized something heartbreaking. In his subconscious mind, “undertake” was synonymous with “die.” How could that belief be implanted in his mind? 

As part of his process with Masterkit, he had a memory where he was able to very lucidly observe his father, who was a successful businessman, until a financial crisis caused his business to go bankrupt. For his father, this difficult event coincided with the fatal diagnosis of a brain tumor, which caused his death within a few months. 

This traumatic experience made Juan's mind keep the subconscious belief: “undertaking kills.” From then on, this programming would sabotage Juan's every attempt to succeed as an entrepreneur.  

Using Masterkit tools, Juan was able to replace that incorrect and obsolete belief with a new one: “Entrepreneurship is safe for me.” 

As if by magic (in reality it is science more than magic), from then on, our student became a successful entrepreneur, thanks to the fact that he reprogrammed a belief that limited him, and replaced it with another that freed him and launched him to success. what I was looking for. 

Juan is a living example of financial freedom, today he runs a systematized business that allowed him to retire and enjoys a lot of free time. Those are the stories that give meaning to our work.

Update your mental software, with the programs that help you achieve your goals

Just like Juan's case, we have many life examples of students who have managed to “update their software” and have deleted old files, for others who have brought fluidity and clarity to their lives. 

This is part of what we teach in Financultura Masterkit, our Financial Freedom program that guides you through the 7 proven steps to achieve financial freedom

In our programs we have seen incredible transformations. 

Find out what are your own beliefs about money?

How to apply these changes in your own life?

At Masterkit we have put all our knowledge and experience acquired in the last 10 years at your disposal. We offer you the same tools that led us and hundreds of students to achieve financial freedom .  

We invite you to schedule a free call with our team to learn about your case, answer your questions and guide you on your own path to financial freedom. 

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