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The 10 Best Apps to Exchange Money Safely and Quickly


If you want to send money to a friend or split the cost of dinner with friends without using cash, today you can do it in seconds using a smartphone and the right app. Thanks to money transfer via app, eliminating cash is possible in a simple, fast and safe way. There are several alternatives for transferring money online, some developed by banking institutions to respond to new consumer needs related to the use of smartphones, others created by independent technology companies that have seized the opportunity in the sector open to non-banking companies.

PayPal – The Safe and Reliable Payment Method

PayPal is the most well-known and used payment method on the web, allowing you to send and request money in a simple and secure way. For small payments, you can choose the “Send money to friends and family” option to avoid transaction fees. Furthermore, with PayPal you can create virtual Money Boxes to collect contributions from different users. It is a service used by both individuals and professionals, but make sure you select the “Send for free to family and friends” option to avoid additional charges during payments. PayPal is available on desktop and smartphone for both iOS and Android.

Postepay – P2P Money Transfer

Postepay is an application developed by Poste Italiane that allows you to exchange money with all contacts in your address book who have a valid Postepay account. The money transfer is free for amounts under €25, but for higher amounts there is a fee of €1. In addition to money transfer, Postepay offers other services such as top-up of telephone numbers and the possibility of sending bank transfers or making postal transfers, requesting the Postepay Evolution card.

Satispay – Easy Payments in Stores and Fast Transfers

Satispay is useful for paying in physical stores participating in the circuit and for sending and receiving money from your contacts simply by using their phone number. To use Satispay, you must have a current account with IBAN associated with your phone number. Furthermore, it offers an attractive cashback service, allowing you to receive a percentage of reimbursement for a minimum spend in participating stores.

Facebook Messenger – Simple Online Payments

The famous social network introduced online payments starting from November 2017. You can activate the payment option from the Messenger application settings. Once activated, you can select your preferred payment method and transfer money directly to a friend during a conversation. However, be careful with the amounts, as there may be fraud attempts involving identity theft.

Apple Pay – Easy Payments with iPhone

Using Apple Pay, you can pay at merchants with your iPhone linked to a bank card in your Wallet. Additionally, you can send money to your family members directly from the Messages application. At the moment, the service is only available in the United States, but will soon also be available in Italy and the rest of Europe.

Hype – A Mobile Bank with Additional Services

Hype works like a mobile bank, allowing you to open a checking account in a few simple steps. After opening your account, you will receive a payment card directly to your home. Money exchanges take place in real time, and with the Wallet version, you can register other credit cards from different institutions. Hype also offers the possibility to plan your expenses and offers offers based on your interests.

Azimo – International Money Transfers

Azimo is an online payment service ideal for sending money abroad very quickly, sometimes in real time. Simply download the app, enter the beneficiary's details and the amount to send. Azimo offers very low commission costs compared to a normal bank transfer and allows you to transfer liquidity in different currencies in more than 60 countries. The service requires the creation of an account and confirmation via email.

Jiffy – Small Sum Transfer

Jiffy is the most widespread system for transferring small sums of money in Italy and is already integrated into many banks' mobile banking apps. Simply connect your IBAN to your phone number to send or receive money from other users registered with the service. The transfer occurs simply and immediately, similar to sending a message on Whatsapp or Messenger.

WOW – CheBanca's Digital Wallet

WOW is an app developed by CheBanca, but you don't need to be a CheBanca customer to use it. It works like a digital wallet to which you can connect your credit card, Paypal account and even integrate it with the Jiffy system. In addition to exchanging money, WOW offers various services such as phone top-up, MAV and RAV payment, car tax payment, Rai license fee and even parking payment in some cities.

Tinaba – Versatility in Financial Operations

Not very well known in Italy, Tinaba is an app that allows you to carry out various financial operations. It is not necessary to have a current account, but you can top up your account via bank transfer or prepaid credit card, which you will receive upon registration. In addition to transferring money, Tinaba also allows you to make payments in physical stores and organize collections. An interesting service offered by Tinaba is "Split the bill at the restaurant", which allows each diner to pay their share via QR Code.

Conclusions – App to Exchange Money Easily

Some of the applications presented were created as a complementary service to the bank account, facilitating the exchange of money quickly and easily. Others, however, presented themselves as an alternative to traditional banking institutions, offering various features and different costs. It is important to evaluate the different options depending on your needs and preferences.

In an increasingly digital age, these apps offer the convenience of managing payments and money transfers directly from your smartphone, making the lives of many users easier. Before using any app, it is essential to understand the fees charged and the security measures taken to protect your financial transactions.

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