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PaySwift Effortless Money Transfer at Your Fingertips


Send and Receive Money Instantly Anywhere in the World

With PaySwift, you can send and receive money anywhere in the world in an instant. Whether you need to pay a friend for coffee, split the rent with your roommates, or send funds to family overseas, PaySwift makes it effortless.

Send Money in Seconds

Link your bank account or debit/credit card to get started. Then just enter the recipient's name, the amount you want to send, and a message if you like. Funds will be deposited directly into their PaySwift account immediately. It's that simple.

Low Fees, Great Rates

PaySwift charges either a flat fee or a small percentage of the transfer amount, depending on where the money is going. Fees are very affordable, especially compared to wire transfers. Exchange rates are also very competitive when sending money internationally. You'll get much more for your dollar than with traditional banks.

Safe and Secure

PaySwift uses industry-standard security protocols and encryption to keep your information and transactions private. We vigilantly monitor accounts and transactions to detect fraud and ensure compliance with regulations. Your money and data are in good hands with us.

Receive Money Just As Easily

Give the sender your name and PaySwift ID, and funds will appear in your account right away. You can then transfer the money to your bank account, use it to make purchases with your PaySwift debit card, or send it on to someone else. Receiving money is absolutely free.

With PaySwift, sending and receiving money is efficient, inexpensive, and risk-free. Why wait when you can get paid today? Sign up now and experience the convenience of PaySwift for yourself.

Low Fees for Domestic and International Transfers

PaySwift allows you to send money domestically or internationally at very competitive rates. Their fees are lower than traditional banks and other money transfer services.

Low Domestic Transfer Fees

When sending money within your own country, PaySwift only charges a small fee of $0.25 per transfer. That's it. No hidden fees and no percentage-based charges. If you're sending $50 or $5,000, the fee is the same low flat rate. This can save you a significant amount compared to wire transfers which typically cost $25-$50 per transfer. For frequent money senders or those transferring large amounts, the savings can really add up over time using PaySwift.

Low International Transfer Fees

PaySwift also has very reasonable fees for international money transfers. They only charge a small markup over the actual exchange rate, typically 1-3%. This can translate into fees of just $3 to $30 for a $1,000 transfer, depending on the destination country. Compare that to the 5-8% fees most banks and wire services charge for global money transfers, and you'll see why PaySwift is a more affordable option.

PaySwift doesn't have any hidden fees, commissions or upcharges. The exchange rate and transfer fee they quote you upfront is the total cost. No surprise fees will be deducted from the amount received. Transparency and fair pricing are an important part of PaySwift's values.

PaySwift also does not charge any additional fees for sending money to most countries and currencies around the world. As long as the destination country is supported, the fees are the same reasonable flat or percentage-based rates. The wide range of supported countries and currencies allows you to conveniently and affordably send money almost anywhere.

Between the low domestic and international fees, transparency, and wide reach, PaySwift can save you a lot of money over time for all your money transfer needs. Low fees, great exchange rates and fast transfers - what more could you want in a money transfer service?

The PaySwift Mobile App Puts Money Transfers in Your Pocket

The PaySwift mobile app puts money transfers right at your fingertips. No more running to the bank or dealing with long lines at the money transfer store. PaySwift’s intuitive mobile app makes sending money internationally as easy as sending a text.

Send Money Anytime, Anywhere

The PaySwift app allows you to send money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whether it’s the middle of the night or a holiday, you can send funds whenever the need arises. The app works on both Android and iOS, so you can send money no matter what type of phone you have.

Quick Transfers

PaySwift uses the latest technology to send money internationally in just minutes. Funds are deposited directly into the recipient’s bank account or available for cash pickup, usually within 5 to 30 minutes. No more waiting days for your money to arrive - with PaySwift it’s there almost instantly.

Safe and Secure

Your security and privacy are top priorities for PaySwift. The app uses industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools to keep your information and transactions secure. Two-factor authentication, PINs, and biometric login like fingerprint or face ID provide an extra layer of protection for your account.

Competitive Exchange Rates

PaySwift sources exchange rates from multiple partners to provide you the best rate possible for each transaction. You'll always know exactly how much the recipient will receive in their local currency before you confirm the transfer. There are no hidden fees or surprise exchange rate markups.

The PaySwift mobile app provides a fast, affordable, and secure way to send money internationally right from your phone. Download the app to get started and experience the convenience of sending money at your fingertips.

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