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How to Improve Your Relationship With Money


In episode #47 of Financultura y Bourbon we speak with Celia Rubio, from Spain :), an expert in personal finance with a great purpose to teach you and others, how to improve your relationship with money

She is a nurse by profession but after two years of working in this area, she realized that it was a job that she was not really passionate about so she resigned to fulfill her dreams and fully enter the world of personal finance

As he saw such positive and incredible changes in his life, he made the decision to open a space to share this information and today he has a huge community full of people seeking freedom.

In this post, we are going to summarize the most important points of the episode and here we leave you the YouTube video with the complete interview so you can watch it:

How does a nurse get into the world of personal finances

It all started one day when he was going to the cinema and before arriving he went to the ATM to withdraw 20 euros. 

She never checked her bank statement so it was a surprise when she realized she simply didn't have any money. 

It was not a mistake by the teller or the bank, he did not even have 20 euros in his account. 

For Celia this was a decisive moment in her life because she realized that she had to make urgent changes...

I didn't know what all the money was spent on!

She quickly became aware and understood that being a nurse and without being financially educated was not going to change this reality, which is why she began to learn about personal finances. 

By doing this he saw positive changes in many areas of his life and understood that this was where his passion lay.

What motivated you to share your knowledge about your relationship with money

Celia understood that many of the problems in her personal and family life had been caused by the lack of order in the management of money.

Not necessarily due to lack of income but due to lack of organization and awareness. 

If she didn't do something about it then that cycle was going to repeat itself with her and her own family. 

It was the financial education that she received that made a big difference and that is why she decided to help more people break those limiting beliefs about money that prevented them from having good relationships with money (reflected in their bank accounts and lifestyle, of course). this). 

What are the main limiting beliefs about money in your experience

The first is “money is not important.” 

For Celia, money in today's world means time and energy, so saying that it is not important is like saying that your time is not important and that is not right. 

Furthermore, he recommends that we stop seeing money as a taboo because what is not talked about cannot be improved.  

Talking about money should be normal and it would be great to be able to talk about our income and expenses without any problems. 

Breaking these beliefs is very important if you want to achieve freedom and it is curious because there are many people who come to Liber telling us that their beliefs are fine and that they can skip the mentality part. 

And the reality is that we are all a work in progress and we need to work on our mindset always. 

What was your first investment

Celia made her first investment in stocks because she loves the analysis part, but some time later she learned about index funds and then about cryptocurrencies and thus she has been expanding her investments along with her new knowledge, preferences and personal objectives. 

Can anyone achieve financial freedom

Celia believes that with education and desire, anyone can achieve financial freedom . But, it is important to understand that it is a different process for everyone. 

Not all people following the same steps will achieve it at the same time; It depends on many situations and it is important to understand this when starting your own path. 

Do you have the goal of achieving freedom

If so, then we recommend you watch the episode so you can delve deeper into these valuable recommendations that Celia gave us in the episode to eliminate limiting beliefs and improve your relationship with money.

Also, we invite you to become aware that without education there is no progress, educating yourself is the key to improving any area of ​​your life, including finances, which is something that we deal with every day in one way or another.  

We would love to support you in this process and share with you what we have learned by educating ourselves and putting into practice a lot of knowledge from our mentors and staff in the last 10 years of our lives and that has allowed us to retire young and live on passive income .

Just as we want to guide you, we continue to learn a lot and educate ourselves to reach the next level... in many areas we have new dreams and goals and one of them very important is to bring this message to many people so that they can also live their own freedom. 

In the Financultura Masterkit program we summarize all our real experience and the tools with which we achieved financial freedom and managed our money successfully in the last decade. We summarize this knowledge in 7 steps that guide you on the path to freedom.

You can schedule a call with our team so you can clarify your doubts about the program and identify if it is something that could benefit you at this moment in your life. 

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