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Growth Marketing What Skills Are Needed to Become a Growth Hacker


Widely used in start-ups, growth hacking consists of finding marketing actions that will contribute to rapid growth of the company. Here are the skills required to be successful in this field.

What is growth hacking marketing?

Growth marketing uses a data -driven approach to adapt new strategies and growth metrics that will scale a business more effectively. It borrows a concept from the Lean Startup methodology . This assumes that the marketer does not know the ideal strategy, and the only way to establish it is to test it.

To be a growth marketing specialist , it is essential to follow a digital marketing mba program in order to acquire solid skills in Data Analytics and testing. So if you aspire to be a growth marketer, we have put together for you in this article a list of essential skills to have to claim this title.

Becoming a Growth Hacker: essential skills in growth marketing

We can't cover every skill, so you'll need a growth marketer . But what you need to keep in mind is that specialists need to be versatile to fuel the cycle of growth and improvement, benefiting from a wide range of reliable skills that they can use daily and put into practice. value on their CV.

If you are interested in a career in growth marketing , understand the skills needed to successfully implement Growth Hacking techniques tailored to your company's strategy.

Digital advertising

The growth hacker must be able to test numerous acquisition strategies and advertising is an inevitable step. Whether via classic display, affiliation, paid search marketing (Google Ads), or on social networks with social ads (Facebook, Linkedin Ads, Instagram, TikTok Ads , etc.), the growth hacker must be curious and keep informed of the opportunities offered by Internet advertising .

Natural referencing (SEO)

Understanding the issues of natural referencing is also an important skill to have for a successful growth marketing strategy. However, unlike advertising, this lever must be considered in the background because SEO is a long-term strategy that does not give immediate results. It will therefore be necessary to think about activating other levers with a shorter life cycle until the impacts of SEO begin to be felt on growth.

The agile technique

Without necessarily being a developer, the growth hacker must understand the technical issues because he will have to work with developers in order to implement his recommendations. But above all, he must be smart and find quick solutions to test things without delay. He must therefore be comfortable with “no code” tools to test his ideas quickly and see if it is worth the investment. The goal is to always find solutions that will allow things to be done without delay.

The implementation of A/B. testing

The A/Bs. Testing are popular among startups because they are simple and effective. Many tools like Optimizely and VWO make it easy to get started.

Understanding basic statistics facilitates all other data-driven growth activities, such as A/B testing and product analytics , to achieve more effective results. Having access to real-time data across the organization is great, but sometimes it's beneficial to be able to do manual manipulation.

Data Analysis _

Collecting, analyzing and using data insights is at the heart of what growth marketers do . This is why analytics is a vital skill that every product growth manager needs. Using analytics to assess retention, engagement, activations, etc. will help you identify exactly which parts of your current journey customers like and don’t like.

Understanding Business Intelligence will power your entire strategy creation process as a growth marketer . The goal is to quantify what customers think of the digital experience so you can steer your work in a more favorable direction.

L’optimisation continue

After the original creation and development of any new marketing strategy , comes the more detailed improvement stage where your optimization skills come into play. Growth marketers must be able to handle engine optimization ( SEO ), conversion rate optimization (CRO) and marketing campaign optimization . Optimization skills are crucial: a growth marketer should be able to streamline each marketing growth loop to produce increasingly effective results.

Social abilities

Growth marketers fine -tune all sorts of details behind the scenes, but they also need strong interpersonal skills to truly succeed in their role. After all, a big part of growth marketing is understanding the customer's needs and wants. The ability to communicate and understand others is essential.

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