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6 Factors That Will Multiply The Growth of Your Company


I don't know how big you want your company to be, how ambitious you are and how far you want to go, but what you have is surely not what you want. Come on, you want more and better and you have a clear idea of ​​what success means to you. Success can mean franchising your company and turning over 5 million or it simply means earning enough to buy whatever you want without regrets, being calm with enough financial independence, sleeping well at night and going to pick up the children from school. Whatever type of success you seek, whatever concept of success you have in mind, your company must be built with the necessary elements to allow you to achieve it.

Therefore, whether you like it or not, your company must grow.

The question is, does your company have what it takes to grow so that you reach the type of life you are looking for? Many entrepreneurs start businesses because they seek freedom and independence. However, it doesn't take long until they become victims of their own project, they end up working thousands of hours in a business that they begin to hate because it gives them everything but time, freedom and independence , and  you end up working for your company instead of owning a company. let it work for you.

Below I share with you 6 factors that will help you exponentially multiply the growth of your company.

1.- A sustainable and scalable business model

When choosing a business model, women, for example, tend to implement models that are not very scalable and, therefore, condemned to have low profitability with uncertain futures. What is recommended is a business model that provides you with high profit margins, in addition to not being limited by your production capacity. It is the typical exchange of money for time (as is the case with consultants and advisors), a clear example of a poorly scalable company in which, furthermore, if you don't work, you don't bill.

I always advise creating different sources of income within your company that do not require your time and presence. It's about taking advantage of your knowledge to create different channels and distribution models. In this way you can sell to more clients and cover a broader market without having to work more. It's about taking advantage and maximizing your resources.

Although not everything comes down to the profitability of your company. Being very clear about your Life Plan is a fundamental aspect for the growth of your company and, most importantly, for your personal and professional satisfaction.

What do I mean by Life Plan? I mean what lifestyle you want to have and what you want it to be like in the future.

Do you want to have a company that makes you travel all over the world ? Or do you want a local company with which to have a personal relationship with your clients?

How long do you want to work? Do you want a flexible schedule? Do you want to have time to pick up your children from school? Do you want to avoid at all costs a company that forces you to be on the phone all day? The questions continue and add up. And few people take these aspects into account. Then, when you're already in the deep end, the surprises and stress come and it doesn't take long until we start hating our own business that we've fought so hard for. Does it sound familiar to you?  

2.- Plant solid foundations

What is your target market? Who is your idea client ? And I'm not referring to who your current client is because you are surely looking for better ones!

How is your company positioned? What is your promise and value proposition ?

We are talking about marketing principles . And they are called principles because they are timeless foundations that always work no matter what new channel, medium or support emerges over time. These are all important questions that lay the foundation of your business on which you will build the rest. Your marketing is ineffective because you surely do not have defined and clear the positioning of your company and who your ideal client is. If you don't start at the beginning, if you don't define these elements precisely, your marketing becomes reactionary at the mercy of whatever comes and you end up applying what I call, Wandering Marketing and Communication . These are fundamentals that come before any strategy or action you take. 

3.- Aim high

Not those who want it get it, but those who believe it possible. I will say it again because the concept is powerful: It is not achieved by those who want it, but by those who believe it is possible. Not because believing it possible makes it easier or magically manifests your goals right under your nose, but because by believing it possible you become the person who thinks and acts like the person capable of achieving those goals.

It is also worth mentioning the need to always operate outside your comfort zone since that is where opportunities with great potential for success are found. You know you are out of your comfort zone when you feel afraid and want to return to the status quo that you are used to but no longer like. The important thing is to identify that expansive, positive fear (like the one you feel when you ride a roller coaster) and have it as a movement signal. 

And finally, don't settle for staying small. We all start from the beginning with the means we already have, but that doesn't mean you should settle for less. Accept your ambition and aim high, set clear objectives, define a strategy , have a plan and execute it. Act like the person or company you want to be in three years. Aspire to excellence in your services, relationships and treatment .

4.- Apply educational marketing

You are in the information age! In this new economy it no longer works to try to sell your services without showing your experience and professionalism . Gone are the years when you could just name your product and say it was the best. Now you must prove it!

As? By creating content. With content marketing , you not only educate your prospect and make them value your work more, but it is also easier to turn the stranger into a friend, the friend into a client, and the client into an ambassador of your brand . You can apply content marketing with the publication of a blog, a newsletter, mailings, videos, podcasts, seminars, conferences, ebooks, books, everything! The purpose of all this content is to attract more clients with the profile of your ideal client. Content is for your company, like honey for bees.

5.- Master the art of sales

Yes I know. You don't like selling. Just thinking about that situation where you have to give a rate and negotiate makes you sick. You don't like what you think is a confrontation and you give in to the slightest negotiation. Or perhaps you think that selling is manipulative and insistent and you identify it with the call from the teleoperator at 10 p.m. asking for the master of the house and offering new gas services. No wonder you hate selling if this is your idea of ​​selling.

And you see, marketing is not enough. Sales are the culmination of your marketing efforts . I am referring to sales techniques aligned with your principles and integrity since selling is nothing more than a requested conversation. I repeat, requested. Because if something is doomed to have low success rates, it is cold selling, when no one knows you or has given you express permission to call. I don't talk about that type of sales so, if you overcome your fear of sales and perfect your ability to sell ethically , your results will multiply.

6.- Just Do it = Execute

Clarity only comes with action. And believe me, it will never be the best time or you will be sufficiently prepared. Waiting longer or thinking about it more will not reduce the risk. After a reasonable amount of time you will only have the answers you are looking for when you act and get going. In fact, in most cases, the difference between a successful entrepreneur and one without is that the former took action . Spot.

Maybe the second one would have done better, but you will never know that. So do not allow your fears to stop your action and, above all, persevere. Life rewards those who don't throw in the towel.

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