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5 Tips For Generating Engagement on Social Media


Succeeding in creating a real – engaged – community on social networks is a real challenge. At a time when organic engagement is giving way to sponsored publications, how can you successfully create engagement around your brand? Running social networks (community management) is daily work and requires a certain amount of involvement. Internet users today are looking for emotion: you must make them want to like, comment, participate and react to your publications! But is this really possible without a marketing budget? Today we give you 5 tips to generate more engagement on your social networks without having to break the bank!

1  Create relevant and interesting content for your target!

To create engagement, it is essential to offer useful content for your community, or at least for your target! It is therefore necessary to study your target to know their habits, desires and thus tailor your messages accordingly. To be engaging, your content must also be inspiring! What can you bring to your community? You must make them want to buy your product or service through publications that will show the interest and benefit of the product and/or service for them. So know how to create THE pretext to get into your target's routine and support them in managing their problems. You must be useful to him! To face the competition, stand out. So don’t choose the same strategy as your main competitor. Bring YOUR touch, your brand identity to your messages. Be original! Your community will then be more interested and therefore engaged!

2  Create content that invites interactivity and “drives” engagement

If your content must be relevant and interesting, it must also invite interaction. If you want your community to interact with you on social media, you need to make it easy for them. Hence the importance of creating interactive content! They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If there is one (simple) fact to take into account, it is this: an attractive visual = engagement! So favor publications with images! These in fact generate much more engagement than texts and the reason is quite simple. When a user scrolls through their news feed, the images catch their eye! Remember that your target audience is overwhelmed with messages and publications! Whether on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram... the flow of information is uninterrupted. Your goal here will therefore be to capture his attention!

The video is one of the10 digital trends for 2018! Also, don't neglect this very powerful tool which will allow you to increase the engagement of your community on social networks! Just like the visuals, your video must catch the eye quickly. So bet on a catchy title, a nice description, a video thumbnail that stands out! At a time when algorithms no longer value organic content, also take into account that the more engagement your content generates, the more visible it will be on the news feeds of your fans and followers! So put all the chances on your side.

You will no doubt have noticed that Gifs are everywhere and have been making a comeback in recent years. They are easy to create, easy to use and are the happy medium between photo and video! Finally, consider usingthe different toolswhich are available to you to create interactivity such as Twitter polls or even Instagram Stories for example (these are ephemeral publications which last 24 hours, they are intended to encourage publication in a more spontaneous way).

3  Post at the right time!

Another important element for generating engagement on social networks: timing! Although they are subject to their own algorithm, you should not post anything at any time on your social networks. It goes without saying that a post published in the middle of the night will have less impact than one published at midday. So respect the time slots of each social network as much as possible to be able to reach as many people as possible. To find out which times are the most favorable, simply ask yourself at what time(s) of the day your target is most likely to be on this network. Early in the morning, before work for example, at midday before the lunch break then from 6 p.m. for the early evening for example are strategic times. To learn more about your audience's habits, use your statistics analysis tools. On Facebook for example, the “Publications” tab will allow you to see the days and times when your community is most present!

4  Think about chestnut trees and bounce back on trending topics

One of the first questions that arises when starting out on social networks is “I don’t know what to say, what can I post?” » If you're lacking inspiration, just look at your calendar! Chestnut trees (recurring and predictable events: seasons, holidays, popular events) are all opportunities to speak up! You will be able to plan your communication over the long term by choosing the meetings on which you can/want to communicate. Chestnut trees allow brands to communicate easily, with lighter content, which often results in more engagement.

Also, remember to monitor social networks daily and systematically. You will be able to quickly identify the topics on which you can bounce back! Twitter is a very good tool for newsjacking since its trending topics allow you to know the most commented topics at the moment. Finally, weekly meetings on platforms such as MondayMotivation, MardiConseil, ThrowbackThursday or #FridayReading are topics on which you can easily (and regularly) speak out!

5  Interact with your community!

To generate engagement, you must create the conversation but also continue it! It is therefore essential to interact with your community. Respond to comments and messages from Internet users, in the most personalized way possible! Continue the dialogue: follow up on the messages that are sent. And above all, adapt your message according to social networks and your audience.

Highlighting your community is also a good way to create engagement. Are you selling a product? What if you reshared your users' posts? Show your community that you care about what they care about. The tools mentioned previously, such as Twitter polls or Instagram votes for example, are a way to interact with her and ask her for her opinion while engaging her!  

We hope that these few tips have been useful to you. If Community Management is a daily job that requires real involvement, responsiveness but also creativity, the work is worth the effort. Indeed, it is by being able to unite your community that you will be able to build their loyalty. In terms of visibility and growth hacking, social networks are a real opportunity to accelerate the growth of your business. Besides, we were talking to youiciof certain entrepreneurs who used social networks to develop their business! If you would like to know more on the subject, we also invite you to discover Delphine Remy-Boutang’s 5 tips forincrease your visibility on social networks. 

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