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4 Steps To Master Your Money And Personal Finances


What steps should a person follow to win the money game?  

To “win at the money game” and master your money and personal finances, a combination of habits, financial education, and a high level of commitment that only some are willing to assume is decisive. 

In this blog post, we are going to delve into the 4 steps that a person can follow according to our experience supporting thousands of people in this process in order to make your path easier and give you more tools so that you can be part of the people who do achieve it. 

Step 1: Define where you are today with respect to your money and personal finances. 

It is important to start by becoming aware and clear about where you are financially today. What is your current financial situation in detail?  

Knowing where you are today allows you to have the clarity necessary to move forward to a future point.  

If you want to know your own starting point, we invite you to answer these questions that will give you greater clarity:  

  • What do your personal finances look like today?  
  • Do you have savings?  
  • Debts?  
  • Profitable investments? 
  • Heritage? 
  • Medical and life insurance that protects this heritage?  
  • Do you spend everything or pay yourself first?  
  • What is your plan for retirement?  
  • Do you have some or no control over your money? 
  • Do you know where absolutely all your money goes and more importantly, month by month do you tell your money where to go? 

It is important to understand that everything is a result! And in that sense money is a great communicator. 

We mean that at this moment in your life you are the result of everything you have done, or not done, in the past 9 months, 2 years or even 5 years ago. 

  • The amount of cash in your savings account is the result of what you have done with your money and personal finances in the past months. 
  • The amount you have or don't have in investments and how profitable they are is the result of what you have done in your past 2 years. 
  • The amount you have or do not have in your net worth (assets – liabilities) is the result of what you have done in your past 5 years or more. 
Step 2: New information to take your money and personal finances to the next level  
You already know the current panorama, how can you improve that panorama?  
It is said that you cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it, to have better results then, most likely you only need a small piece of this puzzle but it changes the entire game, it is about financial education To achieve your financial goals it is necessary to invest in yourself!  

Investing time and money in their financial education allows people to improve their current habits so that in 6 months or 5 years their money and personal finances will look much better. Since these will be the result of those new and excellent habits acquired thanks to that new information.  

If your goals include making more money, keeping it, and growing it more profitably, then it is necessary to acquire those tools that you may lack today (because if you had them you would already have the results).  

Without a doubt in our experience to get more money you need more knowledge about money and less knowledge always translates into less money.  

Knowledge of money and personal finances allows you to improve your defense and offense to win in the money game. 
money and personal finances

Step 3: Strengthen defense and offense  
Defense and offense?

Just like in any sport, we need a good offense and in many cases even better defense. The truth is that even if we have a great offense (we know how to make money), a bad defense (we spend all the money) will make us losers in this game. 

We explain it doesn't matter if we score 10 goals or win $10,000, the reality is that if our defense is weak we could end up conceding 11 goals and spending more than we earn, for example, $11,000 per month. 

The only effective way to improve defense that has worked for us and thousands of our students is to have a clear system for managing money and personal finances and that is learned with financial education. 
Step 4: Choose good teachers Where to acquire that financial education?
In the information age, there is a lot of content even at no cost.

In the information age there is a lot of content even at no cost.  

So your task will be to choose your teachers well. We must be careful who we take that information from and ONLY receive it from people with proven results. Only someone with results really knows what she is talking about because she has lived it.  

Make sure that person has already achieved the goals you want to achieve and knows the way to get there.  

When we started our own path to financial freedom (more than 10 years ago) we invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal finance courses, mentoring and talks abroad. It was all worth it because 4 years later we were already doing our first sabbatical around the world.  

Although it was more expensive, we made sure to listen to the best in the area of ​​money and personal finance . We looked for people who already had financial freedom, millionaires and even billionaires who were at that moment willing to share with us the path to achieve their results.  

Today we know that those investments in financial education saved us years of life and allowed us to go from zero to being retired at age 31 for Mari (41 for Gus), free of debt, and with financial freedom, retiring young and today being a mother and dad present. All of these results are priceless… and we achieve them by acquiring and applying this education.  

The best news is that a few years ago we decided to take on a new challenge, after 5 years of not working, we returned to undertake what is our mission; share that financial education in Latin America, in Spanish and online, to save people who are willing to learn the more than 25 trips we made abroad to study, and provide our vision of two Latinos who, being in debt and without assets They were able to achieve financial freedom and retire young.  

Masterkit, the Financial Freedom program, is the program where we share the complete recipe, a program that guides you through the 7 proven steps that we follow to achieve our own freedom.  

This program is basically a concrete and applicable summary of everything we have applied to our finances, has worked for us, and has been successfully replicated in the lives of others.   

If you believe that your current financial situation can improve and you are ready to implement those changes in your life, then the invitation is for you to apply to enter Masterkit and be one of our students.  

To apply you just have to schedule a free, friendly and informal call with our team. There we get to know each other and we can answer your questions about the program.  

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